Jill Sing, CPA, CA, CFA, TEP, CFP

Independent Family Office Advisor & Wealth Consultant

Family Office

Our family office philosophy is multi-dimensional in nature. But first and foremost, we are our client’s Advocat. Our goals and our actions are fully aligned with those of our families.  Our holistic, open approach allows us to sit on the same side of the table with each client, finding solutions that fit perfectly; ensuring our clients’ desires are forefront in all that we do.

We believe that the True Wealth of a family is reflected not only in the financial assets, but also in the family members, their skills and abilities, the family’s commitment to their greater community and their long-term legacy for the future. We tailor all that we do to counsel and guide our clients as they face the myriad of decisions and concerns related to stewarding and managing wealth that will endure for the benefit of multiple generations.

The goal of a typical family office is to support the growth and preservation of each client family’s financial wealth by providing objective and expert advice customized to a family’s unique circumstances.  Our years ‘in the trenches’ practicing tax, accounting, investment, estate and philanthropic advising provides the experience and knowledge to understand and assess the options, to collaborate closely with other experts, to develop strategies, to oversee and ensure the integration of planning across all disciplines.  Equally important is the emphasis we place on the softer side, the human dynamics within the family.  With each assessment, we ask how a decision will impact the relationships within the family – will it enhance or undermine family connections and harmony across the family?  How will it support the long-term ‘wealth’ of the family?

As an independent family office advisor, we play the role of conductor of the orchestra of top experts. We base our model on a virtual family office concept where a group of experts work together on behalf of a family as a client, with each expert advisor remaining housed in their specialist firms. The key advantage of a virtual family office (rather than building an in-house team) is the ability to work with top experts who stay current in their respective fields, with highly developed skills in meeting the unique needs of affluent clients.  In addition, the virtual model provides the flexibility for us to work closely with our families’ existing advisory teams.