Jill Sing, CPA, CA, CFA, TEP, CFP

Independent Family Office Advisor & Wealth Consultant

My Approach


I believe that legacy families who adopt a broader definition of True Wealth that extends well beyond financial assets will find greater harmony and financial success. True wealth is far more than the dollars and cents. The most valuable assets of a family are the family unit and its members.

In my experience, the most successful families recognize these other forms of capital and are guided by advisors with specialized skills and expertise and whose actions are fully aligned with those of the family.  My primary role is to facilitate, guide and counsel families as they face the myriad of questions and decisions concerning their personal legacy and that of their family.

My practice is founded on three key principles:

  1. A foundation of absolute objectivity and transparency in all that I do (no products or sales);
  2. A necessity for collaboration, integration and trans-disciplinary planning across all facets of investment, tax, estate, insurance, philanthropy, and risk management with the intention of enhancing family relationship for current and future generations. 
  3. Success for the family can only be achieved when planning is based on a deep understanding of the members’ values and visions for the future.

By adopting the broader version of True Wealth, a family begins to recognize the need to nurture and steward all forms of wealth. The uniqueness of each family member can be considered and ideas and strategies can be formulated to support his or her wishes for the future; using the financial capital as a foundation to support their personal pursuits and those of the family as a whole, and their philanthropic interests together.

It’s my hope that we may have an opportunity to discuss further this new way of thinking about wealth, and in particular how this philosophy might apply in your world.