Jill Sing, CPA, CA, CFA, TEP, CFP

Independent Family Office Advisor & Wealth Consultant


After many years of experience of working under the traditional models of private wealth management, I have developed a family wealth counsel service, which provides true objective, impartial and comprehensive private wealth management expertise. I guide and counsel the family to identify and solve the wider array of challenges they will encounter in the process of managing their wealth.  These decisions have an impact on not only the asset management strategies, but more importantly on the family’s ability to meet its lifestyle goals and those of individual family members. I consider the following issues:

  • Identification of family values and family goals (both financial and non-finacial)
  • Identification of individual family member goals and the integration of these within the family’s overall goals and values
  • Comprehensive net worth analysis and proactive planning
  • Estate planning and execution
  • Philanthropic planning and implementation

My wealth management strategy requires development through collaboration with external specialists, implementation and on-going monitoring and stewardship, and continuously keeping in mind the short and long-term goals of the family